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Exponent Documentation

Organization of Settings

Exponent is extremely customisable and has 3 levels of options. This is just an overview with links to individual pages where each of them are detailed. 

Global Settings

In the WordPress Customizer, you can find various options that have a site wide impact. You can access the customizer by going to the APPEARANCE > CUSTOMIZE panel in your WordPress backend.  

Meta Settings

In the Edit screen of each Page / Post you can find settings in Meta Boxes, that control various aspects of the site at a per page level.

Module Settings

Pages built using Tatsu, are constructed using modules ( or blocks ), each of which have various settings to control its appearance. For Example: each button used inside Tatsu can be styled differently using various controls available for the button module. 


TypeHub plugin that is included with Exponent provides a separate panel in the WordPress admin area that gives you complete font controls over various parts of the site. These are global site wide settings. 


ColorHub provides a separate panel in the WordPress admin area to manage the various colors used in the website.