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Exponent Documentation

Adding License Key

Adding a License Key would help you to:

  • Enable theme update 
  • 1-click plugin install and activate
  • 1-click Demo import 
  • 1-click plugin updates 

If you are facing issues like being unable to install or update the plugins that come bundled with Exponent Theme or import any new demos to your website then it is because you haven’t added a valid license key (Purchase Code) in the Exponent Theme’s License Tab which can be accessed from Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Exponent.

Following are some common errors that you will face if you haven’t added a Valid Purchase Code.

Common Errors

1-Click Plugin Installation not working

Exponent License - One-Click Plugin Installation

If you want to install plugins that come with the theme, you won’t be able to do it without entering a valid purchase code in the License tab of Exponent Theme.

Unable to and Update Plugins / 1-Click Plugin Update not working

When you try to update the Exponent theme without having added a valid license key you will be able to see the currently available version however you won’t be able to install the update see the below image.

Exponent License - Update Not Possible

When you click on the “Update Now” link you will be redirected to the Exponent’s License Tab and you will be requested to enter a valid theme purchase code.

1-Click Demo Import not working

Entering a Duplicate Purchase Key

Exponent License - using Existing Code alert 2

With a single purchase, the code is valid for a single website. If you want to use it on multiple sites then you would need to purchase a new license. Exponent theme works with a single purchase code and that code is entitled to only one particular domain.

You can solve these issues in two ways:

  1. Purchase Code Domain Migration: You would need to contact our support team to migrate your purchase code for the new domain.
  2. Purchase a New License: If you are running multiple websites you would need a separate(License) purchase code for each site. Click Here to Purchase a new License