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Exponent Documentation

Individual Post Meta Settings

Apart from Global Settings available for the Individual Blog Posts, there are a set of Options that can be modified for each post using the Meta settings. Edit a Blog Post to find the settings and configure them accordingly. 

Featured Posts

Enable this option to mark the post as Featured. To display the Featured Posts in your page, you can use the “Featured Posts” module in TATSU. Refer this article on Blog Modules in Tatsu for more details

Metro Style Post Thumbnail Options

Enabling Double Width and Double height property for a specific blog post, will enable the featured image of the blog post to occupy double the width / height in the Blog Grid respectively. This option can be used to create a Metro Style Blog. 

NoteThis setting will be applied only on  Style 3, Style 7 and Featured Posts grid.

Single Post Override

These options are present to override any setting that was configured Globally under APPEARANCE > CUSTOMIZE > BLOG SETTINGS > Individual Post. You have option to Modify the Header Style of the particular Post. 

Note – Ensure the “Enable Single Post Override” checkbox is enbled for the settings to take effect on the specific post. 

Archive Style 5

The Box Shadow Color option is relevant for “Style 5” blog. By default the accent color of the Site will be applied as Shadow for the Blog post. To set a different color for each post, you can use this option in the Post’s metabox.