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Blog Modules in Tatsu

Using Tatsu Page Builder, you can add all or a selective set of Blog Posts in any of your pages. We have included 3 different modules for Blog namely – Blog, Recent Posts and Featured Posts. To add a Module in your Page, just Click on the ‘+’ icon in a Column or ‘+’ icon at the bottom or top an existing module. Search for the required module in the left panel to add it.


Blog Module is designed to pull your Blog Posts. You can choose from any of the 7 blog styles available. Using this module, you can limit the count of Blog Posts to be pulled in the page. Blog Posts can also be limited to a specific category. 

Recent Posts

This module will pull the Blog Posts ordered by Published Date. This module will display the posts in Carousel Style. You can choose from 5 different Styles present in this module. We have option to select the Number of Posts and the Number of Columns in which you want the posts to be displayed. To know more about adding a module in TATSU and working with it, check our list of articles about TATSU Page Builder. 

Featured Posts

This module will pull the Blog Posts that are marked as “Featured” in the respective post setting. The Featured Post Module will display the posts in either Carousel or Grid Style. Refer the screenshot below to know how to mark a post as Featured Post. 

Featured Posts will be displayed in Grid or Carousel Style.